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Areas of expertise 

Business Development

We'll start from a business that will show the longterm growth of your company! We'll follow this plan and will succeed together! 

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Powerful identity and branding strategy can endow any new service or product with instant credibility and importance. We will create designs that will speak your brand!

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Media Placement

We create and execute media plans that will reach the greatest number of target consumers by integrating Tv, Radio, Magazines and various online entities

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Building a strong reputation for your brand both online and in the traditional media!

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Hi my name is Michael Brovkine

Business / PR / Media 

I spent most of my life working in media TV / Radio and entertainment business, serving sponsors that supported my programs and production. Little by little, the list of the clients grew big and I started to offer more services to cover the needs of my clients!


Learn local to achieve global success!


Local businesses have a narrowly targeted audience, precise goals, and small budgets! It was and it still is my best school in PR and Marketing. Like in sport -  it's extremely difficult to get results, but when it's there it never stops! From local groceries to international food companies and automotive giants like Mercedes, Audi, and many other amazing brands. Building partnerships and creating opportunities with media sources like Time Out NY, CBS, 1010 wins, Fox, NY1, Secret NYC......

I'm a proud immigrant and it also helped me a lot to create multicultural opportunities and explore International markets! We are proudly offer services within different communities in the US: Greek, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Israeli, Haitian, Cuban,  Hungarian......



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James Harvey Robinson

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